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July 28, 2007
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Kiba and Naruto were in the living room and wrestling on the floor when Sasuke walked in. Immediately Sasuke’s eyes light up with jealousy for the other male that Naruto is rolling around on the floor with. Kiba in the end pins Naruto under him and Sasuke decides that they have enough fun for now and makes Kiba get off. Naruto is on the ground laughing at how possessive Sasuke is behaving and Kiba is hiding behind a pillow so the daggers coming from Sasuke’s eyes don’t kill him.

“Sa-Sasuke hahahaha what’s hah wrong?” The blond could barely talk from how hard he was laughing. He wasn’t even laughing at anything in particular anymore.

Sasuke stops shooting daggers at Kiba and turns to look at his angel who was suffocating from the laughter. “Nothing I guess…” Im not about to tell him that im jealous cause I thought Kiba was getting a piece of him.

Kiba puts the pillow down and Akamaru who had disappeared while the boys where wrestling jumps into the boys lap. “So Sasuke in a few hours you and knuckle head here are getting hitched. You are so lucky man. I would give anything to be in your shows.”

Naruto hearing what his best friend just said immediately ceases laughing and looks at him with huge eyes while Sasuke on the other hand was back to shooting daggers and looked like he was going to kill the young male. Kiba doesn’t notice either of this and just gets comfortable in his seat. “What do you mean Kiba?” Naruto finally blurted out.

“I like you Naruto. Or at least used to.” With the words used to Sasuke calmed down. Sasuke was only mad cause he didn’t need another Hinata like person on his wedding day. “But when you left I met someone. A guy who I invited to your wedding. He is so smart that the first time I met him he ended up tricking me into a date. Also he is several years older.”

Naruto looked a little awestruck than slightly disgusted. He was ok with Kiba being gay or bi or whatever he was but the sudden thought of him and another guy kissing creeped him out a bit. Sasuke saw Naruto’s look and laughed at it. By now you would think that the dobe wouldn’t be disgusted by this kind of stuff by now. “So he is coming here for the wedding.”

“Yeah. He took a later flight than me so were going to meet up at the church. So Naruto how far have you and Sasuke gotten?”

At this Naruto became the color of a tomato instantly and fell over backwards while Sasuke just looked at Kiba like he was crazy for asking that. Kiba was laughing his head off when someone walked into the room. “They have gone all the way.” The small voice belonged to Hinata.

Naruto was passed out but Sasuke snapped to attention when he heard her voice. “What do you want Hinata?” he growled out at her.

“I heard Kiba all the way from my room so I wanted to say hi.”

Kiba jumped up and hugged Hinata. “Hey Hina-Chan!! How have you been?”

They both started to talk about stuff that had been going on and about how load Sasuke and Naruto are when there together. Sasuke scooped Naruto up in his arms and decided he didn’t want to hear these two just talk so he left with an unconscious Naruto in his arms.

Sasuke and Naruto were in there room getting ready for the big event. Or at least trying to. They were both half naked and already hardening. This is insane I cant be this easy to turn on. Sasuke sighed and decided to help Naruto with buttoning up his shirt since the blond couldn’t seem to do it right. Suddenly the door flew open and Sakura ran in but seeing the two very sexy boys half clothed she fainted. They both rushed to her side and Sasuke held her in his lap. When she came to she almost fainted again seeing that Sasuke was holding her. She tried to stand up but almost fell back again so Sasuke and Naruto helped her up. “Ok so Sakura what is it that made you run in here so fast with out knocking?” Sasuke asked.

“I-I-I forgot…oh wait I remember the church just called they said they need to do you guys now or else were going to have to cancel.”

“WHAT?!” both boys looked at here eyes popping out of there heads.

Sakura helped them finish getting dressed though she wasn’t of much help at that. They all knew what they had to do. They had to get everyone over to the church immediately. They all  ran through the house screaming to get a move on we need to get to the church. They all run out to the cars including Naruto’s friends. They speed down the street and when they get there Sasuke and Naruto are the first to jump out of the car and run up to the church door. They push open the doors and end up running right into the preacher. “Sorry sir. Were here though. Please don’t kick us out.”

The man looked at the blond boy who was talking to him. “Of course I wont you guys are just on time. Would you like to get started now?”

“Yes please.” Sasuke said suddenly extremely excited about today.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and said “Well teme get up at the alter. You will see me soon.”

Sasuke pulls Naruto into a hug then struts up to the alter. The blond walks to his position behind the door. He hears the music start and is about to open the door when he feels a tug on his tux. He looks to see who it is and see’s Hinata holding a water bottle. “Hey Hinata. Aren’t you supposed to be out in the audience?”

“Yes but I wanted to share one more drink with you before your married.” She holds out the water bottle.

This makes no sense but if it makes her go then I will do it. He takes the bottle and takes a long drink. What  he didn’t notice was that Hinata now looked slightly evil with a grin on her face. Hah Naruto! That will show you how unnatural it is that your not with me. I hope you enjoy my wedding gift to you. When he closes the bottle up Hinata had already gone to her seat. Oh well. He puts the bottle on a table near by then finally opens the door in front of him.
yay it posted ^^ almost done one more chap to go and then engaged is done

last ^^ [link]
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